• Two Wheel Kick Scooter
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  • Ningbo Tengbo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

    Ok, I am not really a kid, but a big boy at 6'3" and 220 pounds. I bought this scooter so I can hang with my daughter and it so far has exceeded my expectations. I am a gearhead who is much into classic cars and bikes and am pretty picky when it comes to mechanics and details. I picked this scooter because it had the most advanced features and lo

    A father
    Ningbo Tengbo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

    The scooters are amazing. The LED lights work great and it’s folding mechanism makes it so compact for storage. Overall a win-win!

    Diane N.
    Ningbo Tengbo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

    I weigh 230 lbs but this scooter with the dual suspension along with a brake seems to work really well. Yes, the foot brake is always nice to have but having a brake definitely slows me down quicker if I happen to go down the hill too fast

    Ningbo Tengbo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

    This is honestly a really fun scooter for adults. My son likes his scooter and likes scooting around the neighborhood. I would ride my bike with him but I wanted to join him on a scooter. This adult scooter is really cool. It's a nice white with a large area to stand on. It’s pretty nice that it folds down compactly and you can store it on a shelf

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